GSI Foundations Partners With Realtors In Southeast Wisconsin

As a professional Realtor, we know your top priority is to be a fierce advocate for your clients. Protecting their interests is the best way to earn your clients’ trust and to ensure their real estate transaction is handled with expert care and integrity. No Realtor wants to see a regretful buyer post-closing due to learning of an expensive repair that was missed during all the excitement that can surround a transaction. When your buyers have done their due diligence to get pre-qualified for a mortgage, they’re eager to find their dream home and put forward a strong offer. We want to help you keep that deal a strong one, and your buyer to have confidence in their purchase.

This is where GSI Foundations becomes your most valuable resource

When you call GSI Foundations for a professional assessment of the foundation and basement of a home, our professional team carefully inspects the foundation of the home to identify any issues with the foundation. Our job is to conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment of the home’s foundation and basement. We are looking for any kind of water signs and/or wall movement which may have produced cracks to determine if they need fixing. We can also rule out any small cracks that are normal, particularly in older homes.

However, some cracks in the walls of the basement and the basement floor can be signs of a problem – and we can catch that! All while building confidence with your client to keep things moving forward. Most basements, when correctly repaired by GSI Foundations, are better and stronger than the day they were built. Our extensive background allows us to convey that to the buyers and keep their confidence in moving forward with buying their dream home.

Southeast Wisconsin’s Trusted Choice

What we’re looking for are signs of water in the basement, horizontal cracks in the foundation, or “step cracks” that look like stairs along the basement walls (see image below) – these are just a couple examples of the items on our extensive checklist. These, along with other signs, can be problematic and may need to be repaired.

If the foundation of the home is in poor condition and in need of repairs, it could affect your home buyer’s final mortgage approval and their ability to get the home they want. We have worked with many title companies to keep home purchases on track.

And for clients who are selling a home, the condition of the foundation of the home should either be initially disclosed to you and the prospective buyers, or should be repaired out right – even (or especially!) before putting the home on the market. Realtors know that getting ahead of basement repairs can be crucial in getting meaningful offers and keeping deals together.

Trusted Solutions For You And Your Clients

As a professional Realtor, your clients look to you to share your expertise with them as you guide them along their home selling or home buying journey. You can trust our team at GSI Foundations to provide your client with a fair and comprehensive assessment so all parties can move forward in confidence.

GSI Foundations has been providing unparalleled service to Realtors and their clients in need of basement and foundation assessments since 2003. We are honored to have earned being Realtors’ first choice for their clients. We provide fair and unbiased assessments of basements and foundations — and we look forward to continue being Realtors’ trusted choice for many years to come.

If you are a professional Realtor and your client is in need of a professional assessment or contracted work to repair cracks in the home’s foundation or basement, contact us today for an estimate or to schedule an assessment. And don’t forget to add us to your cell so you are ready when a question arises from a client.

What Our Clients Say

Our business was built from the referrals of happy clients and we couldn’t be more grateful. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. It’s personal and so much more meaningful than anything else we could share with you.

As a real estate broker, it is a privilege to recommend GSI Foundations/Solutions to clients and customers knowing the work will be done right and at a good value. As a recent customer of GSI myself, I can say the recommendations I have made over the years are 100% backed up by my experience. Top notch, well done work at extremely competitive pricing.

– John Newland

Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I’m giving this company another 5 star review because they deserve it! They went above and beyond on my last basement project in Bayview. I renovate homes and GSI Foundations is the only company I will use – professional, they stick to deadlines, and they get the job done correctly. You will not be disappointed!

– Brian Meidam

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