Elm Grove – Named America’s Best Suburb

Voted “America’s Best Suburb” in 2014, Elm Grove offers residents an urban-rural lifestyle only 15 minutes outside of Milwaukee. The natural beauty and slower lifestyle lends itself as the perfect place for families to call home. With a large portion of wooded lots in the area, root intrusion can become a serious problem, leading to foundation cracks and leaking over time. Make sure you’re protecting your family and peace of mind with a strong foundation beneath your home. Unlike other problems in your home which are immediately noticeable (broken water heater, no AC), damage to your foundation only displays itself with signs of a small problem at first, before becoming a larger, more expensive issue. If your Elm Grove property is showing signs of foundation or water damage, be sure to start with a reliable contractor before making any decisions on buying or selling your home.

Custom Designed Services For Your Foundation’s Exact Needs

Things like seepage around pipes or drains passing through the exterior walls, water pooling on the floor of your basement, cracks in foundation walls, and other common signs of structural issues such as bowing walls are all things that GSI has seen before and knows how to handle. Whether it’s as simple as installing a sump pump to direct excess water out of your home, adding perimeter drain tile, or more extensive bracing or structural repair, there’s nothing GSI can’t do. To help you get started, we’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions we receive.

What types of homes in Elm Grove are susceptible to foundation damage and water intrusion?

  • Homes built before the 1990s or have a concrete block style foundation

  • Presence of large trees or vegetation close to the foundation’s exterior walls

  • Proximity to bodies of water, or located on land with a high water table

  • Homes without gutters or poor yard drainage

What are the common signs of a problem with the basement?

  • Cracking or visible “bowing” of the foundation’s structural walls

  • Water seepage around pipes that enter through the foundation exterior
  • Water pooling in corners or low areas of the basement, especially after heavy rains or snow melt

  • Roots from nearby trees infiltrating foundation walls

Is your foundation displaying one or more of the above issues? You’ll want to consider getting help from a professional to address them before they become more serious.

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Here’s What GSI Can Do For Your Foundation Repair And Waterproofing Needs

Foundation Repair And Waterproofing Services For Buyers, Sellers, And More In Elm Grove, WI

When you hire GSI, we work for you! No matter who is involved in the transaction as a seller, buyer, or Realtor and investor, our focus is giving you the proper solution to properly remediate your basement or foundation issues. We understand that no one wants to have to worry about basement issues, which is why we won’t waste your time trying to upsell or offer solutions that don’t meet your needs.

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Foundation Issues Don’t Have To Be Scary With GSI

We get it. Problems with your foundation can seem like an overwhelming issue. Things like not knowing how much time and labor will be involved, if your foundation is safe, or even just the nuisance of life being disrupted are all issues we have helped our clients overcome. To put it simply, GSI is here for you and we’re going to do everything we can to get you back to what matters most in your life through expert repair solutions, as soon as possible. Don’t let basement or foundation issues take over your life, and schedule your estimate today!

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